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On shore piping

Date Time E3D – Training of Plant Design, Modelling and Drafting
Courses Duration 45 Days 90 Hrs. Advanced Training Exercise
Day 1 to 6 2.00PM – 3.00PM Equipment Modelling Practice & Exercise – 1
Introduction of E3D Equipment Modeling & Piping (Creation of Equipment Primitives & STD)
Create Nozzle, Placement, Type of nozzle, Orientation, Specification Selection,offset, mirror & Rotate
Co-ordination, Position, Create list, Explicity & Relatively Position and Position controal tool
3.00PM – 4.00PM Modifying standard equipment, specification, properties, attributes, nozzle spec. and equ. Origin. Practice & Exercise – 2
Model Editor, Edit settings selection settings
Creation working plane, Different shape use with Extrusion Primitives, Revolution primitives & Mitter Bends
General settings, Display settings, members, view settings and command window, querry setting
Day 7 to 12 2.00PM – 4.00PM Piping Modeling Practice & Exercise – 3
Piping fundamental, Create pipe, branch, piping components, pipe work hierarchy
pipe orientation, connecting pipe, placing pipe, branch replacing, create insulation of pipe
Create tracing of piping, material selection of pipe, connect method
Explicit method, Modify spec. component, bore, Arrive & Leave, slope & material selection.
Orientation, Assemblies, Splitting, Pipe ISOmetric, system ISOmetric drawing, Data consistency, pipe penetration.
Position of branch, Maintain bottom of pipe and Drag piping & Clash checking and pipe work toolbar
Day 13 to 18 2.00PM – 4.00PM Structure Modeling Practice & Exercise – 4
Introduction of Structural Modeling & creation of 3D models and Hierarchy
set default profile for section, set section storage area, node storage area, working plant grid,
create section using stright method, curved method, ring method and regular structure
Create tower, upper & lower SOP bracing configuration, joint creation, base plate creation, foundation creation
Modifying section, creat fittings positioning, creation bracing gap, Miter ends
Creation of wall & floor
Creation of panel, Extrus\panel negative extrusion, level vertical, splitting, positioning
Creation & modification of stair flight, stair tower, ladder and circular platform
Creation of rectangular, circular, freeform, polygon platform, opening, platform geometry & layout, Handrail
section connection, orientation, general settings, grid creation, query & utility setting, user grid system, constructs grid.
Day 19 to 23 2.00PM – 4.00PM Electrical Modeling Practice & Exercise – 5
Cable tray Modeling & cabling system
Creation modification of cableway, branch elements,route point, route node, check connection
Cable tray support
Day 24 to 29 2.00PM – 4.00PM HVAC Modeling Practice & Exercise – 6
Creating inline plant equipment like AHU, DUCT Routing, Apply gide and tiles on grid
Creation HVAC Components, Positioning, Spec.generator.
Day 30 & 35 2.00PM – 4.00PM Hangers & Supports Practice & Exercise – 7
Creating hangers & supports, Pipe rack, configuration, positioning of support, support plan,
support relocation, Max span, Steel profile, Support Axes and general utilities.
Day 36 & 41 2.00PM – 4.00PM Report (MTO) Practice & Exercise – 8
Report generation(MTO) using template, Creation of template modification
Pipe and steel MTO, Nozzle & Valve schedule preparation,
Column Report, Summery and report format
Day 42 to 45 2.00PM – 4.00PM Spooler & ISO Draft Practice & Exercise – 9
Fabrication drawing, ISOmetric drawing, Creation of spool drawing, field & shop weld creation
Spool break and isometric drawing,
Modify MTO status, Convert DXF, DWG & DGN
Day 42 to 45 2.00PM – 4.00PM Drawing manager Practice & Exercise – 9
Generate 2D view from 3D View, create department, sheet, user defined view, limits, Modification
Create 2D Draft, shapes, symbols, text and modify dynamic primitives, sketch Drafting
Load text, add local symbol,
Auto tagging, auto drawing production visibility and placement, Equipment Center line and pipe end label.
Hangers & Supports detailing, converting to dwg format and auto drawing production
Creation view generation, create section flat, section perpendicular, stepped, Detail view
Day 42 to 45 2.00PM – 4.00PM Commands Practice & Exercise – 9
Over all clash checking, auto clash, auto Naming, Hole management
Associations, Date base export & import, export for other software formate
3D view options, Draw list, Hide file, new local view section
Representation, setting and auto color