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  1. Empowering Future Engineers: To be the leading force in empowering the next generation of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in their careers and drive innovation in core engineering industries.
  2. Pioneering Excellence in Engineering Education: Our vision is to pioneer excellence in engineering education, bridging the gap between academia and industry, and nurturing a generation of engineers who lead the way in solving global challenges.
  3. Strengthening Engineering Firms: Aassaan Center for Engineering Excellence is dedicated to empowering Engineering firms by connecting them with the perfect talent, essential for their unparalleled success and growth


India is considered to be hub of Engineering. 2/3rd of International Engineering firms have their offices in India. In addition, there are number of Indian SME’s in the business of Engineering outsourcing. These Engineering firms are struggling to find the right skills inspite of having thousands of Engineering Colleges and Universities. These Engineering firms have to spend enormous time and money on training fresh graduates with required skills. Retaining the resources after training is another challenge Engineering firm are facing. And now we’re venturing as “Aassaan the Mentor ” knowing the need to navigate skilful candidates to the right career path with adequate knowledge in their Engineering module. We go global now as our projects and the development in the field of Engineering is global.

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  • We will enhance your qualifications by equipping you with the skills in demand.
  • We will be precise, opportune and appropriate in our communication with you.
  • We will take the responsibility of certainties and doubts and will meet your expectations.
  • We will have a person-centred approach to serve you better and train you personally.
  • We will calibrate our performance equivalent to the core service standards.