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AutoCAD Syllabus

Date Time GET & GDT Training for Freshers with AutoCAD
Courses Duration 6 Days 12 Hrs. Advanced & Basic Training Exercise
Day 1 9.00AM – 10.00AM File Management Practice & Exercise – 1
Units and Limits
Drafting settings & Options settings
Day 2 9.00AM – 10.00AM Line Practice & Exercise – 2
10.00AM – 10.00AM Move, Copy, Rotate Practice & Exercise – 3
Scale, Stretch, Mirror
Extend, Trim
Array, Fillet, Chamfer
Offset, Explode, Erase, Tcircle, Xref, Qselect, Select Similler
Day 3 & 4 9.00AM – 10.00AM Understanding the Concept and use of Layers Practice & Exercise – 4
Advantages of Using Layers Working with Layers
Creating New Layers
Making a Layer Current Controlling the Display of Layers
Deleting Layers
Object Properties
Changing the Colour, Line type and Line weight
9.00AM – 10.00AM The Concept of Blocks Practice & Exercise – 5
Advantages of Using Blocks
Converting Entities into a Block
Inserting Blocks
Block Editor
Adding Blocks in Tool Palettes
Nesting of Blocks
Exploding Blocks Using the XPLODE Command
Renaming Blocks
Deleting Unused Blocks
Editing Constraints to Blocks
Attribute blocks
Day 5 9.00AM – 10.00AM  Single Line Text Practice & Exercise – 6
Entering Special Characters
Creating Multiline Text
Text Editor Tab
Editing Text Using the DDEDIT Command
Editing Text Using the Properties Palette
Modifying the Scale of the Text
9.00AM – 10.00AM Creating Linear Dimensions Practice & Exercise – 7
DIMLINEAR Command Options
Creating Aligned Dimensions
Creating Arc Length Dimensions
Creating Rotated Dimensions
Creating Baseline Dimensions
Creating Continued Dimensions
Creating Angular Dimensions
Dimension Style
Leaders and Multi leaders
Day 6 9.00AM – 10.00Am Using Layouts Practice & Exercise – 8
Using Page Setups
Using Viewports
Plotting Drawings